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Very happy to launch my new website: toddcirillo.com. A space to check out what’s happening in Todd’s poetry world; read poems, buy books, watch videos, contact me for reading and/or publishing opportunities, links to poetic friends and sites, pics, reviews, interviews, a parrot and extras. All the goodies to get good poetry out into the world. Pass it on to poetry lovers and those who don’t know they are yet.

Please visit my website at:








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Despite Garbage Politics…Great Poetry

Happy New Year from the pirates, publishers and poets at Six Ft. Swells Press. We wish to thank all of you who supported us in 2017 by purchasing our books, giving excellent reviews (even the ones some swine removed), providing us inspiration and making us a proud little poetry press. Your support means so much to us that we will raise a few toasts to each of you tonight. We accomplished a helluva lot this past year, despite the garbage political landscape that has puked over the United States but….we kept on in spite of it all with what we believe is some of the best poetry published this past year.

We could not have been happier to publish the extraordinary, Wolfgang Carstens Hell and High Water. It is a work that will forever stand as a testament to the poetry that keeps Six Ft. Swells Press going. Also, we put out a pure labor of love project by the one of kind legend, Will Staple. His book, Arrows Go Thru Hearts: Selected poems 1970-1995 is the stuff legends are made from. This book and Will Staple deserve that distinction and much more. These two books belong next to your bed, in your backpack, or as a gift to friends or enemies. We at Six Ft. Swells wish to thank Wolfgang and Will for allowing us the honor of putting their poems out into the world under our torn and drink drenched flag. The links to purchase all the books is below, better to order at the end of the year or the first books of the new one.

Us pirates have been very busy from our own corners of this land making our own individual ways through this dirty world be it with our own books such as Todd Cirillo’s, Burning the Evidence put out by the infamous Epic Rites Press, or projects; poetic, graphic design, readings in strange states, music, movement, publications and otherwise. All of this prepares us for the upcoming books/projects in the year ahead. So stay on the ship with us and good poetry will come your way. We promise and Happy New Year.

Have fun and write on…

Todd Cirillo, Julie Valin, Matt Amott, publishers, poets, pirates







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Love Song from New Orleans to you…

A documentary of sorts. Poetry, music, video, images married together. I had the opportunity to work with the amazing and talented director, Esther Plumb Malo, to complete my desire to put my poems to film and then some. She went above and beyond. I am truly happy with how this video turned out. Please take a moment to see for yourself. Enjoy.

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Wondering what gift to give? Give that special someone Hell and High Water

“if not a mess,”

my wife groaned,

as she picked up the empty Tequila bottles

the empty beer cans


the half-smoked joint,


what do you call it?”


have been married

for twenty-five years,”

i said,

lighting the joint,

“and that

my Dear,

is what

i call

a survival


Order your Christmas copies of Wolfgang Carstens, Hell and High Water, by clicking the link below:




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What DO poets talk about? Find out now.

What do poets talk about when they think everyone is listening? The question is answered in the latest episode of the acclaimed Poets Underground show is up on YouTube, click below to hear guest host, Todd Cirillo and guest poet/publisher, Wolfgang Carstens talk inspiration, poetry, the value of cuss words, his latest book, Hell and High Water (available for purchase below), selling out to the highest bidder and other half-truths from New Orleans to Alberta, Canada. Enjoy.


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Drunk Poets Talking Underground-Dec. 3

This Sunday, December 3 at 9pm CST a top shelf edition of the acclaimed youtube show Poets Underground pour from our barroom to your computer screens live on Facebook featuring guest host, Todd Cirillo interviewing the incomparable poet Wolfgang Cartsens in celebration of his twisted and terrific body of work including his latest book, Hell and High Water (Six Ft. Swells Press 2017) which can be order at the link below.

This conversation promises to be full of honest lies, poetic gems, dirty words, shots, sincere hearts and empty beer cans.

Log on and click here to watch live:





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More Beer Money and Great Poetry

We at Six Ft. Swells Press believe in celebration and we want you to have more beer money and great poetry. So we are offering you a 25% Discount if you order the book before November 15th in appreciation for your support of the small press and in celebration of Hell and High Water. Order your copies at the link below or to the right.


Praise for Hell and High Water:

“In Wolf Carstens’ latest book of poetry HELL AND HIGH WATER he strips bare his relationship to his wife of twenty-five years- Tracy Lee. Fuck, he’s in for a good hiding when she finds out!”

–George Anderson, Bold Monkey

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