Wait for it….

Six Ft. Swells Press has been working below decks and now with the onset of Spring we are ready to surface and raise our flag to our new release–THE COAST IS CLEAR by our own Matt Amott.

Matt’s collection of poems is all about recognizing the signs, and knowing when the time is right to take action–when to pack the car and go, when to steal the girl on the barstool next to you, when to jump the train, or when to stay in on a Saturday night spinning old Blues records with a pitcher of margaritas. This book is our own compass to carry along as we traverse life’s windy roads, and Matt is the best guide we could ask for.

The Six Ft. Swells crew will be hitting the road to celebrate The Coast is Clear in Chico, California at Cafe Coda, featuring Matt Amott, Julie Valin (and her newish book, “The Distance Between”), and Todd Cirillo. FRIDAY APRIL 27th at 8:00 p.m.

SATURDAY APRIL 28th in Grass Valley is our Six Ft. Swells Book Release Party, details to come soon….

We are looking forward to celebrating with you, in true After Hours style.

Bottoms up!

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