Suckers, Unite!

Sucker’s Paradise. Ahhh…..

We have been raising the midnight cocktail to bring to you the long-awaited, new collection of After-Hours Poetry by the man who lives and breathes After-Hours–Todd Cirillo!

The poems in Sucker’s Paradise come hurling at you through the window, full of busted hopes and kisses to the cheek, humor and hangovers, and those tender moments that make us believe that paradise has been found…for now.

Poet Ann Menebroker calls Cirillo, “the disenfranchised poet of love,” and Bill Gainer says, “Cirillo’s poems remind us–the best bet is one we can’t afford.  In Sucker’s Paradise he bets big–always on the heart…I love this guy.”

With the release of Sucker’s Paradise, Six Ft. Swells Press continues to publish the most original and accessible poetry written today, reaffirming their commitment to make poetry fun and accessible to everyone, reaching the far corners of bowling alleys, all-night diners, and taverns.  The flags of Six Ft. Swells Press fly high indicating no quarter shall be given with this new release, and that’s just how they like it.

The book will be available October 1st on or at the official Six Ft. Swells Press release reading October 6th, at The Iron Door (downstairs of the Holbrooke Hotel) 212 W. Main St., Grass Valley, CA along with the rest of the Six Ft. Swells catalog.

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