The Blues Just Ain’t the Same Without You Baby….

This one is still for you….who remains my musical junkie equal.

Who Knew

There are days

when we

will put on nothing but

Sonny Boy, The Wolf,

Mississippi John Hurt,

Muddy, Son House,

John Lee Hooker

and, of course,

Robert Johnson.

She will pick an album

then I will pick an album.

We will go through

breakfast, lunch

and dinner,

kissing in between,

laying in the grass

talking about clouds,

holding hands,

alternately putting

our heads into

each other’s lap.

In the background–

cotton fields, trains,

devils, jealous lovers

and broken hearts.

Who knew

the Blues

could make us

this happy?

–Todd Cirillo


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3 responses to “The Blues Just Ain’t the Same Without You Baby….

  1. Iven Lourie

    Good poem Todd–I like the “of course, Robert Johnson”–Iven


  2. Todd Cirillo

    Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment. Blues can be just as good, as it can be bad. Keep reading.


  3. Great poem. Love the idea of the blues being a good thing and bringing two people together. Just fantastic. Some of the details are great: “talking about clouds.”


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