Six Ft. Swells crashes the Fringe Festival

Our own Todd Cirillo is featured in this year’s Fringe Festival in New Orleans.  Branching out into a play which features his poem “Love Crazy”.  Todd does a bit of acting as a poet with ex girlfriends who were a bit on the exquisitely crazy side, this was of course a stretch for him.  If you are in New Orleans, come on out and support him (dates and times below) and the amazing cast of this project….”it’s kind of a big deal”.  The play is described as:

What do you get when you mix the Vagina Monologues with the Howard Stern show?  A provocative comedy about men, sex, and the hottest things on the tip of your tongue.  Open wide for a serving of “D*ck in Ya Mouth” the show with no filter!  By the Standard of New Orleans.


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