A Six Ft. Menage-et-Trois

A heart on the rocks, please.

A heart on the rocks, please.

Happy Valentine’s Day from your lovers at Six Ft. Swells Press.  Just for you we have put together a menage-et-trois of poetry from Todd, Julie, and Matt, strictly for your pleasure, no reciprocation necessary….unless of course you are in the mood….the word “no” does not exist in our vocabulary.  Whether you are spending this day at a five star restaurant, a no-tell motel, at parades, walking hand in hand in the park, alone with only your hand, on a plane, throwing caution to the wind, getting four sheets to the wind, wearing a leather mask with a red ball stuffed in your mouth handcuffed to a donkey, preparing to propose, cursing the couples you see, cuddling with your boo, breaking up with said boo, buying flowers or forgiveness, a hooker or a harlot, or slow dancing in the middle of Bourbon Street…

remember your safe word and that we love you…or at least would love to love you if given the right set of circumstances….enjoy the poems and go out and get some!!!     xxx, SFS krewe

Valentine’s Day

Sitting at the bar
at lunchtime,
Valentine’s Day.
Everyone is drinking,
holding hands
and thinking dirty thoughts.

Someone plays
the blues
on the jukebox,
the bartender
skips the song–
we all smile,
keeping the blues
at bay
at least for
one more round.

—Todd Cirillo

5 Alarm Love Affair

You are lighter fluid and a breath 
of fresh air. 
I am smoldering and breathing shallow in a small room. 
I don’t need you to come quickly
with your ladders and hoses, 
your flashing red lights.
I don’t need you to rescue me  
but I do need you to come quickly
with your matchstick desire 
at the ready

and save me.

—Julie Valin

Valentine’s Day

Perfect placement,
in the midst
of the snowy season.

The heat
from your lips,
warm my blood
of the Winter’s chill.

—Matt Amott

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