Burning the Evidence-Texas style

A review of Todd Cirillo’s latest book, Burning the Evidence (Epic Rites Press, 2017) from deep in the heart of Texas by famed Dallas poet, Paul Koniecki:

“If the coolest kid you knew in high school was sitting in a hotel lobby bar with John Fante on the hottest day of the year writing poems in a battered notebook titled “don’t read this”, “Burning the Evidence” would be the book they wrote.

Epic Rites Press consistently publishes books that run hot, conflagration-hot, but Todd Cirillo’s latest book of poems – “Burning the Evidence” is the tip, in this case, of a blue, blue burn. Like neon and lipstick and stolen minutes, last chances and gravity and dice – Cirillo’s words run where they will and their will is strong. 

I won’t spoil any surprises here but by the time I got to Todd’s poem, “I Fell In Love With A Poet” I knew I had too. Order a copy of “Burning the Evidence” and you will too.

Not for the faint of heart, lace and doily poetry crowd, but always classy and always master-crafted.”

Order your copy here:


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