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Pre 1978: custom Dodge vans, Op/Lightning Bolt, shirts with numbers, corduroy, heavy fuzz, record players, cb radios, kung fu movies, Logan's Run, hitchhiking, patches/iron-on's and longboards. I'm a poet, photographer and a life long record store clerk, so I'm use to never having money. That means cheap travel, cheap beer and cheap entertainment is always good action.
New Orleans captured with a Holga camera and 35mm film

New Orleans captured with a Holga camera and 35mm film

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nola 006asm

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nola 031sm

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nola 040sm

nola 046

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nola 054

nola 056sm

nola 057sm

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April Is National Poetry Month and it runs a close second to October’s Banned Book Month as my favorite. The memories take me back to the beginnings of Six Ft. Swells Press when I worked at Odyssey Books in Grass Valley. Utah Phillips held court outside of Flour Garden, Gary Snyder always brought his long out of print hard cover books out of the chicken coop  down to the store.  And every Sunday in April, The store would hold poetry readings from local poets and some bigger names as well. Many poems were read about dimensions and crystals and the inner feelings of trees and what makes rivers happy.  But, every so often poems would include words such as whiskey, jukebox, records, New Orleans, Bukowski, Otis, lust, hangovers, passion, redheads, PBR tallboys, fuchsia, fights, blowjobs and pirates.  Uttered from the mouths of Julie Valin, Todd Cirillo, Bill Gainer, Will Staple and myself.  This my friends is where the spark began. the big bang, if you will.
2006-09-24 001 177
When some of us asked ourselves, if these are the poems that we like then why not put them out for the masses. For them to consume, get drunk of off and dance on the bar.  April, the thawing of winter.  When drinks and the radio begin to move out onto the porch.  Where soon the sweat will become heavier and the clothes fewer.  It’s no accident that Poetry Month is in April.  It’s the gateway time of year.  The rapping on the chamber door. When Nicholson sticks his head in and says “Here’s Johnny” .  Letting you know that the Winter is gone and the season of Rebirth is upon us and some pirates have showed up, ready to read some poems.


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The New Year!

The first sunset of the new year, SFS is loading the ship and ready to head for the horizon to bring the salty bounty and good times to all ports in 2014! Tally Ho!!

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Happy Birthday, Hank

Bukowski’s Heaven
Sitting at Phillipe’s
with a French Dip
and “Run With The Hunted”.
In walks
a woman, 
Long legs
in a short skirt.
High heels tighten
every muscle,
while lotion gleams
on smooth tan legs.
Then I remember
your perversion,
your womanizing ways
and now,
women from your past
to scold you.
over your grave
in short skirts.
And you,
you just lay there
6 feet under,
looking up
into their
pearly gates. 

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What inspires the SFS crew to sail and write…

break 011


2006-09-24 001 148





nolasmall 264


east 156 (2)


2006-09-24 001 233

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