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Hell and High Water (2017):

The poems in Hell and High Water offer the gritty reality of a poet, husband, provider, father and shady romantic wrestling with life’s responsibilities and his own primal urges.

“Wolfgang Carstens is a liar when he says, ‘I don’t write love poems.’ Hell and High Water is all about really living and really loving. The tenderness and bluntness of these poems bring tears to my eyes, as well as laughter out loud.”

–Marcia Epstein, host Talk with ME podcast


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Arrows Go Thru Hearts (2017):

In Arrows Go Thru Hearts – a collection by Will Staple of his published poems from 1970-1995 – readers are offered an edified peek at the evolution of an artist that is at once raw, adventurous, broken, beaming, sincere and shape-shifting.

“Will Staple has been blessed by time. He remains, as always – contemporary. To grasp the progression of modern poetry Will Staple’s Arrows Go Thru Hearts is a must read. Be warned though, he is easy to fall in love with. I have.”

–Bill Gainer, poet, The Mysterious Book of Old Man Poems



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Perfume & Cigarettes:

The poems in Perfume & Cigarettes by Madeline Levy come at you like Tom Waits driving a 1957 Cadillac onto the sleek asphalt of night, with only the red glow of taillights sending kisses on the road to everywhere. These poems take us places, somewhere between the proper and the profane, the dive bars and the five-star restaurants. These are poems with wicked grins and sharp edges that will leave a “tiny-sized cut in the back of your heart,” and make us believe that “apple pie & cyanide” are a good idea. Madeline Levy is a new and true voice in American poetry who leaves cigarette burns on our crooked wings, yet we still offer to buy her a new pack.



The Girl Who Left You

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What readers are saying about The Girl Who Left You:

“The Girl Who Left You is an exquisite compilation of poems that that sing with swagger and are profound in their intimacy, that secret side that one shows in the privacy of moonlight and moments of calm before the storm.

–Allie Marini Batts, poet, author, You Might Curse Before You Bless

Amber Decker’s poetic voice is equally brave and illuminating…. [She] has the voice of a modern day Southern erotic poet. The reader can truly feel the hurt, the love and the skins of past flames burning on the page.



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What readers are saying about Sucker’s Paradise:

Got this fantastic book of poetry today. I must say it couldn’t have arrived at a better time. With all the tears I’ve cried the past few days it was nice to laugh…. I’ll be rereading it later tonight with a nice glass of wine or a couple shots of rum, or maybe both. I too am a total sucker.”

–April Barlow, Oklahoma

“From poetry readings, to chapbooks, and now “Suckers Paradise,” Todd Cirillo has endeavored to make his poetry entertaining and humorous. Some of the poems in this collection are sure to get the reader laughing and possibly inspired. While others are sure to welcome the reader to reminisce on love lost and the transitivity of the lush life.



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What readers are saying about The Coast is Clear:

The poems here cut straight to the heart of adventurers and romantics. Matt’s poems are insightful, funny, and poignant.”      

– Outdoor Girl

The Coast is Clear delivers a rich and dear reading experience, an experience like your first shot of whiskey….”  



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What readers are saying about The Distance Between:

“In The Distance Between, Valin’s poems challenge, enchant, play, threaten, warm and chill.  She holds little back. That in itself makes these poems worth reading.”      

– Jim Collins, Oregon

“This is a sensual, take-no-prisoners refreshingly honest collection of poetry.”  

-Todd Wylie, poet, writer



All chapbooks below are $8, which includes postage. Please send us an email to order any or all!

Cocktails & Confessions

Includes poems by Kim Addonizio, AD Winans, and other confessional cocktail-loving poets!

Music is the muse in this poetic jukebox anthology!

SEX ON EARTH by Christine Irving & Noel Kroeplin; and the celebrated Will Staple’s THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY.

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