Six Ft. Swells Press publishes and celebrates After-Hours Poetry—a modern poetry movement known for its concise structure and unbridled confessional style in presenting the language and experiences of the everyperson. Common themes found in this genre are: taverns, music, cocktails, broken hearts, first kisses, Saturday nights out on the town, Sunday morning blues, road stories, parties and celebratory happenings…and the simple, unexpected moments that present themselves to the poet. After-Hours Poetry has the raw guts to risk it all for the poem.

We would like to see poetry that makes us: chuckle, turn up the radio in the background, stand up and yell “Hell Yeah!”, remember fondly when it happened to us, take you out for a beer, dance the night away, and share with our nextdoor neighbors how fun and accessible poetry can be in the After Hours poetry genre.

We do not accept or enjoy rhyming poetry, personal journal entries, or rants–political, war, death, or otherwise. We are all about seeking celebration and finding beauty in the themes listed above.

Check out our Poetry page to get an idea of our style.

The Girl Who Left You Giveaway Contest

We have all been there–the one standing in the dust cloud after the one we love has peeled out and sped away, throwing our hearts, or the finger, out the window. We want to see the poems and raw beauty that can come from The Girl/Guy Who Left You. If nothing else, at least we’ve got our poems.


-Send us your best 10-line or less poem about the The Girl/Guy Who Left You, keeping in the after hours style. The theme is open to interpretation and twists. We are looking for poems that surprise us, make us laugh, and/or break our hearts.

-The top poem will receive a free signed copy of Amber Decker’s The Girl Who Left You in the mail, and the winning poem will be published on our website at and on our Facebook page.

-Email your poem along with your mailing address to and include “Contest Submission” in the subject line. The poem can either be in the body of the email, or attached in a Word document.

-THE DEADLINE for entries is Sunday October 19th at midnight.

-Tip a cold one back, because you accomplished something cool.

-We will choose the winning poem sometime during the week of October 20th.

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