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Now Available! Hell and High Water


The book is available NOW!! Click the link below or the Lulu link to your right! Us pirates at Six Ft. Swells Press are so thrilled to publish, Hell and High Water by Wolfgang Carstens, that we are hitting the rum hard in total celebration! To pre-atone for our drunken ways we are offering the book at a 25% DISCOUNT now until November 15th in honor of Wolfgang Carstens 25 years of matrimony, chronicled here in Hell and High Water.

The poems in Hell and High Water offer the gritty reality of a poet, husband, provider, father and shady romantic wrestling with life’s responsibilities and his own primal urges.  From the familiar dinner table to disastrous family vacations and mail order sex toys, Wolfgang Carstens presents us with vulnerability, humor, rawness, regret and the rejoicing in twenty-five years of intimacy with another as no other poet can. Carstens has wickedly disguised Hell and High Water as a twisted yet tender guide for the rest of us in maintaining the wildness among minivans, mortgages and matrimony.


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Six Ft. Swells crashes the Fringe Festival

Our own Todd Cirillo is featured in this year’s Fringe Festival in New Orleans.  Branching out into a play which features his poem “Love Crazy”.  Todd does a bit of acting as a poet with ex girlfriends who were a bit on the exquisitely crazy side, this was of course a stretch for him.  If you are in New Orleans, come on out and support him (dates and times below) and the amazing cast of this project….”it’s kind of a big deal”.  The play is described as:

What do you get when you mix the Vagina Monologues with the Howard Stern show?  A provocative comedy about men, sex, and the hottest things on the tip of your tongue.  Open wide for a serving of “D*ck in Ya Mouth” the show with no filter!  By the Standard of New Orleans.


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