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Have you ever interviewed poets, publishers and pirates?

This is what it sounds like, take a listen to this interview with Wolfgang Carstens and Todd Cirillo by incredible interviewer, Marcia Epstein from Talk with ME. Poetry, publishing, Hell and High Water, partnerships, Six Ft. Swells and Epic Rites and many other joys are discussed. Enjoy

This AWESOME edition of Talk With ME is now on iTunes, GooglePlay and at http://lawrencehits.com/wp/blog/podcast/wolfgang-carstens-with-todd-cirillo-poets-publishers/
And the long post announcing the show is on https://www.facebook.com/TalkWithMeOnVoiceOfLawrence/

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Praise for Hell and High Water


The water is rising and the flames grow hotter as October 19th nears. Here is an early review of the book and a poem to get you through the weekend. Order information to follow.

Wolfgang Carstens promises “hell and high water” in his new book from Six Ft. Swells Press, and that’s exactly what you get. These poems blaze short and hot like matches, but baby, you’ll feel the burn; they both praise love and raise the level of pithy skewering to new heights. In Hell and High Water, whether he’s getting lucky (“i don’t write love poems”), or ruminating (“len,”  “contrary”), Carstens remains true to himself and his sometimes dark, sometimes hilarious, episodic visions of life.—Dianne Borsenik, publisher of NightBallet Press, author of Age of Aquarius (Crisis Chronicles Press, 2016)

instead of “Speed Bump,”

the sign read

“Speed Hump.”

“look Honey,”

my wife said,



a sport


can win.”

–Wolfgang Carstens, Hell and High Water

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